The Lucifer Commonwealth Golf Tournament (LCGT) is open to all amateur male golfers aged 18 and over belonging to a recognised Golf Club within the Commonwealth Countries or Overseas Territories or at the discretion of the Society, within former Commonwealth Countries or Overseas Territories. They should be citizens of these countries or British, ordinarily resident in the country of their Golf Club and have a handicap of 18 or less. Entry may be accepted for those with handicaps just over 18 but only 18 strokes will be allowed.

Golfers over 75 may enter a separate competition. Players in this category should be over 75 on the day of the Tournament and have a handicap not exceeding 28 but only 24 strokes will be allowed. They will normally play over the same course and dates as the LCGT but from Yellow tees. This category will normally include Lucifers of the same age.

Players must provide a valid paper or digital World Handicap Index taken from the secure area of their home club’s website.

The Tournament is generally held each year at the beginning of July during the week immediately preceding The Open Championship. It is open to amateur male golfers aged 18 or over with a handicap of 18 or less from a golf club in the Commonwealth or Overseas Territories. Entries are generally limited to 100 competitors. The Tournament is Stableford off full handicap played over 36 holes on consecutive days at two challenging heathland and heather courses close to London.

After the tournament the Lucifer GS host a Dinner which all competitors and Partners attend. The winners of each day are presented with Lucifer trophies and the overall Tournament winner receives a handsome replica of the Lucifer Commonwealth Trophy. Past winners have come from over 20 Commonwealth countries. 2019 saw the holding of the 83rd Lucifer Commonwealth Tournament.

At the time of the Tournament some social golf with Lucifers can be arranged.

Commonwealth friendships and connections have been maintained and strengthened over the past 49 years by undertaking regular tours when invited to Commonwealth countries, the first being to Kenya in 1975. Since then many tours have been made to Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Cyprus, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

The Society has a number of Overseas Lucifers around the Commonwealth whose role is to encourage friends and golfers in their countries to arrange visits to the UK to coincide with the Lucifer Commonwealth Tournament.

The Lucifers seek to provide a forum across the Commonwealth where through golf, in the words of Viscount Bruce of Melbourne, Captain from 1949 to 1958, “the spirit of good fellowship may long continue to flourish.”

The Empire and Commonwealth Trophy (pictured) was first played for in 1928.