The Carlton Trophy is an annual challenge cup open to all Lucifers save for Senior Members. Thus Senior Playing Members may participate in the competition. Playing in it is an especially good way for newer members to get to know the wider membership. Please enter as soon as you can, there is no entry fee, the draw will be made by the Hon Match Scribe before the end of February giving due regard to Members geographical location where possible for the early rounds.


Top named player to arrange match & select venue. Local member to give one stroke to visitor

Each player’s Club handicap Index current at the time of playing the relevant Carlton match will apply unless a “Lucifer Handicap” then applies. This reduces the Club handicap by two shots (though more than one reduction may apply concurrently). Generally, each reduction will last one year from when it arose Rule M of the LGS governs.

If in doubt, please refer to the Hon. Match Scribe, where possible.

Matches to be played off medal tees where possible. Full handicap difference.

Winner to inform Paul Richards. ASAP. Please!

  • Sam won 4&3
  • 4/3
  • 3/2
  • 4/3
  • walk over
  • 3&1
  • W/o
  • 1 hole
  • 1 up
  • 4/3