This miniature of the Empire Trophy was presented to The Lucifer G.S. in 2006 by the son of E.F. Webb – who won the qualifying round of The Empire Overseas Meeting in July 1933. Now awarded to the Lucifer with the best score in the first round of the Commonwealth Meeting.

Best Lucifer score, Commonwealth Tournament 1st Round

Presented by Tony Webb in 2006

Year Winner
2006 Charlie Courage
2007 Richard Cunis
2008 Charlie Jamieson
2009 Charlie Jamieson
2010 Charlie Courage
2011 Charlie Jamieson
2012 Andrew Brice
2013 Graham Lark
2014 Jonathan Boreham
2015 Julian Hill
2016 Richard Costain
2017 Brian Spear
2018 Jeff Turner
2019 James Davis
2020 Not played
2021 Not played
2022 No Lucifers played – Centenary
2023 Alan Arscott