Presented to The Lucifer G.S. by Major Stephen Petzing on behalf of The Victoria Golfers of Vancouver Island B.C. Now awarded to the Lucifer with the best score in the second round of the Commonwealth Meeting.

Best Lucifer score, Commonwealth tournament, 2nd round

Presented by The Victoria Golf Club in July 2005:

Year Winner
2006 Geoffrey Dove
2007 Andrew Cronk
2008 William Carr
2009 Andrew Cronk
2010 David Hubbard
2011 Sean Figgis
2012 Sean Figgis
2013 Simon Allport
2014 Simon Allport
2015 Simon Allport
2016 Simon Allport
2017 Charlie Courage
2018 Seymour Banks
2019 Ed Pickard
2020 Not played – Covid-19
2021 Not played – Covid 19
2022 No UK Lucifers played – Centenary
2023 Robert Boddington